OTAGO DAILY TIMES - October 2012 Survived brush with lion Click the news clipping for a larger image
Click on the photo to read the article Kia Ora Lawrence an article from the NZ Herald


CLUTHA LEADER - October 2012
A children's book about Lawrence's most famous escapees was launched last week. Click the news clipping for a larger image

THE NEWS - October 4th 2012 Escape of Lions in Lawrence retold in story book Click here for more...

A children's picture book based on the story of the lions who escaped from the circus in Lawrence in 1978 will be launched tomorrow. Click here for more...


Photo courtesy of the Otago Daily Times

Otago Museum production and projects officer Garry Gibson feigns fear and surprise yesterday as he helps transport Sultan, a mounted former circus lion, back to the museum's Animal Attic, using a museum service lift. Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.Click here for more...

Photo courtesy of the Otago Daily Times

OTAGO DAILY TIMES NEWS  September 2012 - Otago Museum has been the subject of praise, awards and criticism. Bruce Munro looks at what drives this non-traditional regional museum to punch so far above its weight.
The turtle shell lies on the floor, hidden by stuffed lions.It is a clue.

Sonia and Sultan, the reclining lioness and vigilant lion - circus escapees shot and donated to Otago Museum - demand instant attention when visitors enter the Animal Attic. Click here for more...