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John Darby was responsible for securing the Lawrence lions at the Otago Museum please click on the photo below to read his interesting story:
Des Dougherty features in the Lawrence Lions book as he was the rugby coach of the Lawrence rugby team.  Many years ago Des wrote the following account of the story that featured in the Lawrence Rugby club's Centenary book.  I am sure you will be amused by his memories of that famous night. Click the photo below to read his story:

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  1. When I was a child - I think about 6, maybe 7 I guess, some circus people moved into Charles Upham Avenue, in Hoon Hay, Christchurch. It was a residential area. Its a bit hazy how I knew the boy who lived there but it might have been at school and was a similar age to me. I remember they moved in only for quite a short time. He took me to his house which was just across the road and down two houses, and showed me the lions in the backyard. There was a two-storey enclosure with one lion on each level. Naturally I thought I had dreamed this so I asked my sister, who is 7 years older than me 'were there lions across the road from us in Charles Upham Avenue for a short time?'. She said yes there were and they used to roar at night. The circus people weren't there for long. When I read the names Sultan and Sonia they resonated with me and I can't help but think these are the same lions.


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