Friday 28 September 2012

The Lawrence Lions have arrived

Last night I was thrilled to share the launch of my book 'The Lawrence Lions' with around 100 people at the Lawrence Golf Club. 

This book has been created to share an extraordinary story of Lawrence's history with the children of today. To some of you a tale that took place in 1978 may not have been that long ago, but for children it is definitely regarded as history!

This story is based on a true story that happened in Lawrence, Otago, New Zealand on March 30th 1978. I have tried to include events as they happened on the night, although some things I have altered to take into account the age of the audience that the book has been aimed at.

While writing this book I have had a huge amount of support from my family and 'locals' who were there on the night, and still live in Lawrence. They have all had a story to tell and taught me much about the events of the night. I would like to thank them for their enthusiasm, support and encouragement.

The book is available through this site or if you are driving through Lawrence, call into the Museum and purchase your book in the little town that the lions strolled through 34 years ago. If you are in Dunedin,go and visit the Lawrence Lions Sultan and Sonia, sitting pride of place in the Animal Attic at Otago Museum.

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